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Photoshoot & Camera Anxiety & How to Navigate it and have a KILLER Session

"Do I smile?”

“Well, I’m not a model”

“Wait, what do I do with my arms??”

Well, you’re not alone. I would say 90% of people feel this way because it CAN BE super awkward! Heck, I have had sessions where I was getting photos of me done and was just counting the minutes down! And with a severe case of resting b*tch face, I was CONVINCED I would hate every photo.

But this is what fuels me. This is what makes it such a PRIORITY to make YOU not only feel comfortable and confident with the session, but have FUN! And I PROMISE when you work with me you will have a freaking BLAST! And I will be rolling around on the floor to not just tell, but SHOW YOU what the heck to do to look bomb AF.

I know what it feels like to have those anxieties of being in front of the camera, and to have some weirdo taking your photos. But I also know, I have never had someone leave a session with me leave feel anything less than a DAMN bad ass and confident the photos are BOMB AF, confident and just straight EMPOWERED.

If it’s a couples session, a wedding, head shots.. NO MATTER the session or who’s there I an ASSURE you that it will be such a positive experience, you’re going to be dying to book another session & want to do it all again.

I also want to give you some tips and tricks I have used & I give to some of my clients to help them go into the session with just a little less stress!

  1. Positive affirmations go a LONG way! Go look in a mirror ( seriously ) and tell yourself the obvious. That you ARE a bad ass. And you ARE amazing and beautiful. Do this EVERYDAY! It is so easy to be mean to ourselves and let that really affect how we see ourselves, and this is a good step one to stopping that!

  2. Move your body & eat your greens. And not to change it - just to get those endorphins pumping. Personally, working out makes me mentally feel SO much better. And I find when I just continue being active and eating clean that I just physically feel my best. I don’t do it to change how I look though - just to feel good!

  3. Interact with your photographer! If they are anything like me - they are online all the time. So go comment & like their stories and posts so you can build more of a relationship with them! The more you feel like you know them, and friendly with them - the more comfortable ( and excited ) you will be come the day of the shoot!

  4. Bring a friend! Bring someone who makes you feel good and happy & always is a good time! They can be a great support system during the shoot! I love seeing clients bring a friend and having that sense of home with everything else being so new ( and let’s face it - scary!).

  5. Start to really love yourself! You heard me! Start to really appreciate yourself, and realize that you ARE beautiful and amazing! I know I personally am so quick to point out my flaws, and if you do too then stop it! Just go into the session ready to have FUN and enjoy yourself! And if it’s an engagement session go into ready to have fun with your partner! When you can relax and just be goofy and have fun - it will show & those photos will show how HAPPY you were! Don’t already go into the session ready to comment on your nose, or body, or shirt. YOU are perfect. YOUR SHOOT will be amazing! YOU GOT THIS!

You are going to have an amazing time, and LOVE your photos! I know it’s stressful and anxiety can be such a pain - but you got this. You are a bad ass and are going to LOVE those photos!!

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