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Decluttering & Going Minimalist?

This past year, I have been (almost) obsessively cleaning out my room and donating clothes, makeup. items. Literally everything to whoever will take it. I have probably donated around 20-25 FULL ( like ripping full ) large garbage bags.

It honestly made me feel SO GOOD. And the more just stuff I get rid of, the better I feel. SO, I wanted to give some of my tips on how I go about decluttering and spring cleaning to help you get rid of things you really do not use and overall feel better!

1. Do NOT get rid of things you USE!!

I actually struggle sometimes with this one. Because I think we all have some items that maybe aren't the cutest or we would rather not have for whatever reason.. but we use it EVERY DANG DAY! I have some old mens hoodies from my boyfriend I wear constantly, they are stained and of course don't come close to fitting - but currently wearing one now.

Maybe one day when I don't wear them as frequently or they are at a point of no return I'll get rid of them. But honestly they spark joy to me! So if something sparks joy - even if it seems like a 'duh get rid of it' to someone else.. keep it.

2. Take everything out of the closet or drawer you are trying to clean

This really helps me see the items in a new light, and make me really think about keeping it. It will most likely take more work now to keep, so DO I really use this? Do I need these worn out, stretched out hair elastics? Or this t-shirt that is too tight and I never wear?

I typically dump everything on my bed or floor and it's really helpful! But defiantly can be more time consuming!

3. Flip Hangers & Realize you don't have 20 fancy events coming up - so no... the occasion won't come up if it hasn't the last 3..5 years

Am I the only one who does this? I'm not going to lie, I STILL have a dress, tags on, I bought YEARS ago with full intentions of casually wearing it.

But it's too fancy for everyday use - so I've been keeping it 'just in case' and it's been a year since my last closet clean out and it still hasn't come.

I'm not sure why these items are so tough to get rid of but they are.

For now I am going to keep this at 3 tips! But I have so many more and would love to share more. Hopefully people find this useful & join me on the decluttering wave.

I also have began shopping and overall living more sustainably and being way more aware of what I buy, the impact it has on the planet, if its really a necessity, ext. I'm not sure if this is a direct impact from donating so much stuff I never even used or what but something to keep in mind! It's been great and overall makes me feel so good!

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