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For the Brides Who Have Been Affected by COVID-19

I have seen a lot of posts about everything going on, and what you should do. Brides flooding facebook groups asking questions and just being STRESSED. As many are, I am not an expert on what to do in this situation, but I did some research and put some of the top tips below to begin the rescheduling process, and hopefully this helps!

Should you Postpone or reschedule?

The key is to focus on postponements and rescheduling rather than canceling, to avoid losing your deposits. Every wedding vendor I have talked too is encouraging their couples to reschedule rather than cancel because we are truly all in this together and want them to experience their wedding day. This will help small businesses help however they can and just move the retainer to a future date.

How Far Out Should You Postpone Your Wedding?

2020 has been deemed the year for weddings because of the iconic date of having a 2020 wedding. Leaving a lot of vendors booked up and leaving a lot of wedding planners advising their couples to postpone and opt for a new date in less popular months and days of the week. Rather than needing to reschedule into 2021, look into having an a Wednesday wedding instead!

“The real way to guarantee your dream wedding is to move away from a weekend date”, says luxury and celebrity photographer Christian Oth. And I agree! Look into hosting an event midweek or on an off date and/or month.

Currently, your main priority and goal for now should to stay healthy and to keep your loved ones ( aka your guests) healthy to, and minimize the risk!

What to do if I don’t have a wedding planner?

Try to pick a vendor you have the best personal relationship with, and who can help communicate the intell of the what’s going on with vendors, word on the street, and more! All you currently know is what you see on TV and online, but what they see and know what’s going on can be very different and very useful. And try postponing around that vendor and your venue, as they are the key components to helping you figure the rest out.

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