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Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day everyone! And yes I know I’m early but I don’t typically post on Fridays and figured I would say it now!

I figured I would take this time to give a fantastic idea for any guy that hasn’t gotten a gift for their SO and forgot about valentines day until now… and trust me this is a GREAT idea!

I always recommend getting a couples session for you and your significant other! It can be an intimate shoot, super light hearted and fun, or more serious. It gives you an opportunity to basically have a date with your best bud and get the most amazing photos too!

And trust me - they will love it!

Or if you are absolutely not about to step in front of the camera, but you know they LOVE getting their photo taken… book a boudoir session!

Everyone honestly love these! They are so empowering and uplifting leaving everyone feel so confident and sexy as heck! They can have an hour all about them (that isn’t a spa certificate that always goes unused) and get some amazing photos for the two of you!

Trust me, either session is a unique and thoughtful gift they will LOVE and you will have photos to remember it by!

So don’t hesitate! Book a session and save your date before it’s too late! ( no it doesn’t HAVE to be on valentines day)!

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