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How are my New Year Resolutions Going: 1 Month In

I haven’t actually shared all of my resolutions, because I found this year a lot of them were quite vague. But in addition to those I also have some more clique ones as well. And some of those involve my photography! So I thought it would be fun to see how those are going 1 month in.

Book 20 weddings for 2020

This one is doing good! I am right where I want to be and in the process of finalizing some more weddings! I’m keeping this number a secret to hopefully do an entire post about later in the year, but overall its on track!

Book 5 Fresh 48 Sessions

I just wrapped up on this month! So 4 more to go! I loved everything about these sessions and am excited to continue working on booking them!

Increase Traffic to my socials & website

I have implemented more consistency ( or at least trying to ) along with using hashtags, more integrating one another on all platforms and so far its going well. I would love to see more traffic on my Instagram a long with a more engaged audience so need to put more focus there.

Work more on my branding

I haven’t done a single thing on this one… yet!

Have better working hours while also continuing to hustle

I have probably done the most work on this one. I think I am doing a good job of not working when it’s ‘past work hours’ and also really trying to just work when it’s time too. I try to not answer emails and messages at all hours anymore and that has been a big change.

I do need to continue working on finding more ways to hustle and continue growing while maintaining some type of work life balance.

This is my little check up on some of my resolutions! I’m excited to share my update with everyone and hopefully will have more updates to share throughout the year!

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