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How to Book more Photography Clients

Every photographer asks me the same thing, “how do I book more clients”

And it’s a great question that is really simple to answer. So if you are someone asking yourself this questions not sure what to do follow the below 10 tips and you will start booking more photography jobs!


  2. Promote & share work in the field you are trying to book in

  3. Be consistent online and with your business

  4. Create engaging content that makes people want to know more about YOU and YOUR BIZ

  5. Focus on attracting your ideal clients and not just attracting everyone

  6. Stay consistent with your BRAND

  7. SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT. And then keep shooting

  8. Take the feedback from people who didn’t book as to why they didn’t.. price? better photographer? why?

  9. Have a website that is clear and easy to use


If you are REALLY follow these tips then you will see an increase of leads and bookings! It’s so crucial that you are authentic to your own individual brand and yourself and not try to be another photographer and recreate their style or brand. It won’t work & you won’t attract your dream clients!

So I hope this helps a photographer out there with some steps to follow on how to book more jobs, and I would love to hear some of your tips and tricks on how you go about it!

Thank you & I appreciate you!

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