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How to Keep YOUR kids Entertained During Coronavirus Quarantine

Well, we are officially stuck inside until May. And I wanted to offer some ideas on how to keep your kids entertained so you don't go NUTS!

And of course, everything will be simple, and involve photography and/or video.

Activity One: Make Your Own TV Show

I imagine now a days most kids have either an ipad, ipod, or iphone. So give them the task to take the day, or X amount of hours to go and record a TV show. Give them guidelines in the beginning to help navigate them for the next 1-2 hours ( or longer ). Encourage them to really take their time and hit a time mark. Such as a 30 min show.

And tell them that night you will all sit down and watch it. Try and have them be as independent while working on it as they physically can - letting you focus on other things.

This can be great because it can be redone with more episodes & different guidelines to make it different. You can also download a free editing app and let them mess around with it! Kids are smart & can probably pick it up pretty quick! See what they come up with and offer more editing tips, or guidelines to help them work on the skill too!

Activity Two: National Geographic Photographer

Do you have a pet? Well, try and give your kids either an iPhone or iPad or a plastic camera and tell them they have to go and take 20 unique photos of your pet. Explain how the pros do it. Quiet, sneaky, and not disruptive to catch the animal in its natural habitat.

With this activity you can send them out in the yard to take pictures of X amount of different things so they need to think and learn about the different objects around them. Or just see what they find and research later what it is!

The first option being you google tree names you have in your yard, types of bugs you see around now. Literally anything you can think of to send your NAT GEO photographer out to find. They will then have to go find the pine tree, pine cone, graphite, ext.

The second option is you send them out with the task to photograph 15 unique things in the yard. When they come back they can learn about everything they had just photographed!

I hope these activities help! I really wanted to make some that involved photography but also help them learn and be preoccupied for as long as they could. I can absolutely come up with more as well! Hopefully this helps & hope you are all staying safe!

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