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How to Stay Productive & Organized

Currently, I am failing this. Apparently not sleeping & being sick does have a big effect on being motivated and productive… So I figured researching and finding some ways to help get myself motivated this week and fight the urge to do absolutely nothing.

After doing some research the first thing I found was to not let their desks/workspaces get cluttered.

I thought this was interesting because my desk is a disaster right now. So much I am currently working in my kitchen because I don’t want to deal with the mountain of contracts, camera equipment and I don’t even know what else I have on there.

Which also meant the first thing I have to do is clean my desk. I don’t actually mind cleaning, so this isn’t the worst thing to do first. And honestly now that it’s done I feel already accomplished.

The second thing I saw was “they never touch things twice”.

Because touching something twice is a huge time-waster and as soon as something gets your attention you should act on it, give it to someone else to handle or delete it.

Not letting email be a constant interruption

Setting time during your day to go and check your email and have it worked into your schedule helps you stay on top of other tasks, rather than having them take longer than they should. Setting alerts for the most important and time sensitive emails allows you to not feel obligated to constantly refreshing and checking your email, or being distracted by non important ones.

Work from one to do list

I am a big fan of to-do lists! Looove working from one, and having everything I need for the day all in one spot. I put everything from personal tasks to business and check off as I go. And by having just one helps keep you from jumping around looking for what you need and wasting time looking for certain information.

Do the worst item on your to-do list first

I actually love this idea. To finish the thing you dread the most first thing in the morning. It helps get such a weight off your shoulders and not having anything looming over you the rest of the day.

Tidy up at the end of each day

This is a great way to end the day because it sets you up for success the next day. Whenever I feel unmotivated I always try to clean and organize as it at least helps me work on creating a successful next day.

These are some tips and tricks I found that I already implement or am looking forward to putting into my daily routine!

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