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Say ‘I Do’ to these Top 10 Rustic Wedding Ideas

I’m no stranger to a wedding. And rustic weddings are by far one of my favorites. I love the colors, the decor, the vibe. Everything.

So I compiled a list of the 10 best rustic wedding ideas I have seen and thought of to make your wedding one to remember forever. So check out this list & find the best ones to incorporate into your big day!

1. Use wood

Yes, it’s a simple one - but it’s one of the best things you can do to bring that natural and warm tone and texture into your wedding day. Use a couple slabs as a tray for your center pieces with candles and greenery covering them, use it as a cake stand, have your guest sign a big piece to turn into a tray at home! It’s a simple tip - but it’s a cheap & good one for sure!


Use barrels to hold large candles and flowers around your location to bring height and diversity! Barrels ( similar to the wood ) bring a warm texture to the venue, but this one also adds a lot of height as well. Breaking up what could otherwise be very one dimensional makes your venue more interesting and feel completed.

3. Hanging greenery & twinkle lights

If you are torn between getting flowers or not. I recommend getting some flowers and primarily greenery and baby’s breath. Hang greenery above the tables with twinkle lights, on the center pieces, everywhere. It will ad so much having that life without having so many expensive flowers.

4. Lanterns

Paper lanterns ( along with your typical metal ones ) lanterns hanging everywhere just add… so. much. They just completely CHANGE a location and are absolutely stunning! They also add a nice romantic lighting and ambiance to the room!

5. Lace & burlap

Lace and burlap ( yes again ) add more textures. The burlap is more masculine and heavy with a nice delicate lace they off set each other so nicely. Having the two as runners, or on the backs of chairs make the room feel more completed and thought fully through.

6. Mis Matched plates & cups

Okay… this was at a wedding I photographer and I was OBSESSED!! Not only was it totally sustainable ( they had thrifted everything ) but it looked absolutely incredible. I had never seen it before but it was amazing.

7. Doors at the start of the isle

Everyone has an alter. But not everyone has an ‘entrance’ to the aisle. And by this I mean most people decorate the runner and alter, but that’s it. Having some rustic doors, with some crates and flowers on the other end will add such a beautiful look to your overall ceremony location. It will help tie it all together, potentially life you better from the groom, and cut up what couple be a long walk depending on your venue!


I just love s’mores. And I think all weddings should have them. If you can have some outdoor space and have a campfire, how FUN would it be too have S’MORES?! That’s just a fun time.

9. Long Farm Tables

most people end up getting round tables for everyone to sit at for dinner. But long farmhouse tables add such a family feel. Along with having benches it also helps save some space in the room by seating more people. They look amazing and allow for guests to interact and chat more!

10. Cow Bell - Kiss Bell

Opt out for clinking of glasses, and opt in for a cow bell your guests can run up to or pass around where they ring it and you kiss instead! How cute! And again, just another detail that help ties everything together and shows you thought about everything. And everything got polished for your big day! You can also get one super cheap online! win win!

These are 10 things I personally think all rustic ( or just all weddings ) should have! And I look forward to shooting more and seeing more creative and cute ideas from brides on their big days!

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