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The First 10 Things You Should do When Planning a Wedding

I hear it all the time, ‘we’ve never done this before’. and if you just got engaged I’m sure your thinking it too. But lucky for you, I have, about 30 times. And after this year about 50. And so have some I’d say most if not all of your vendors!

So, with some help, I through together this check list to help reduce some of that stress and overwhelming feeling of planning a whole dang wedding…

Get Engaged - Done

Determine your budget

This comes down to three sources: you & your fiancé’s savings, amount you can set aside from your current income, any contributions from friends/family/ext

Set your Wedding Date

Pick the season you would like to get married in, and consider which day of the week. Do you want people to have to come after work? Do people need to travel far? Or would a Saturday be best to give people time to come and relax? Do you want to be married indoors or outdoors. Consider the season and weather!

Start a Pinterest Begin getting an idea of what look and vibe you two are looking for. rustic? chic? When you two start seeing some reoccurring themes on your board you’ll figure it out! Do this for your dress too! Have a private board where you can pin designs/ fabrics you like and get an idea of what you seem to be drawn too!

Research local wedding shops

Find a good and reliable wedding shop near you! See if they do alterations and if they have good reviews for them!

Find the location

Once you have decided on your season/month and vibe you want you can start location shopping. Once you find a location you like, you can finalize the date!

Find Reception site ( if not the same as ceremony )

Book Officiant

Find the person you want to officiate if its a family member, friend, or professional. Finalize those details and lock it down

Book the Photographer & Videographer

Look at what you want to spend

Figure out the style you want to go for

Find someone with solid reviews

Go with a person you LOVE. Someone you WANT to spend all day with (because you’re gunna)

Book the DJ

Find someone who has the type of energy you want at your wedding with a great personality

Always check reviews

Guest List

Figure out who you want to invite and the general number you expect

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