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Top 10 Best Photography Poses for Men

When it comes to posing men, I personally try a little bit harder to find comfortable natural movements for them to help them be more comfortable in front of the camera. And the more comfortable they are, the better the photos!

1. Putting on glasses

I think this just looks really cool honestly. It's a natural movement and you can capture the moments throughout the entire action of putting them on and off for some cool shots!

2. 'Fixing' the hair

This is a great one for everyone. And for guys I think it can give off a very cool dude kind of

energy Again, it's an easy natural movement so you can capture the moments when they may look down, tell them to look in another direction or keep walking and pretend like you aren't there for some cool shots!

3. Holding the jacket & hand in the pocket

Again ( shocking ) ANOTHER NATURAL MOVEMENT! But that's why I love these poses. They feel comfortable and it helps your subject relax and start to open up with you. And even start wanting to try some more interesting shots!

4. Leaning against a wall

I love having my clients sit, lean & just interact with what's around us to make it feel more on purpose. Like, you chose this location for a reason - so really take full advantage of that. Any texture of brick, or cement, or glass can add some really interesting elements to the photo and add some difference from standing and sitting away from everything all the time.

5. Foot on wall and arms crossed

You could also do sitting leaning forward or sitting fixing hair, but where I already mentioned those I figured I would say crossed arms instead! By having them put a foot up, or cross arms, it adds just a little more dynamic and interest into the photo - rather than an awkward standing straight uncomfortable shot!

6. Fixing / rolling up a sleeve

That typical 'getting ready to do work' motion of fixing a shirt sleeve also can be a great option to add some variety to photos!

7. Close up portrait of face

This is good when you want to reuse some already shot poses, like fixing hair or glasses and just get a different perspective!

8 & 9. Sitting

Okay, I need to explain this one so I'm just labeling it as sitting. Having them sit and lean forward on their knees is another great alternative. It feels strong and masculine and you can add varieties between elbows on knees, touching face ext.

In contrast having them lean back against a wall, knees bent but arms kind of slumped in, playing with hair. literally whatever you want. What makes this different is having both legs bent, either towards one another or one leg bent up and having them rest an elbow - literally whatever

10. Okay number 10 isn't a pose - sorry

But I did want to explain how to make them more comfortable in front of the camera. I tend to see men be more uncomfortable jumping in front of the camera - but loving it the most. So I wanted to give one tip to make this a little easier for you and to get your client to ease up. That tip?

fucking talk - like a lot. Tell jokes and stories. Ask them about themselves & just explain what you are doing. The more normal you make this and the more they feel they 'know' you in this short time - the better!

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