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Top 5 Tips for Finding YOUR Wedding Photographer

If you recently got engaged and are now in the planning process and I'm sure you are feeling overwhelmed...

There are SO MANY different things to do that I want to take a moment to talk about one of the BIGGEST items on your check list - the photographer.

This should be one of the first things you do when planning your wedding. Photographers dates fill up FAST and we book about a year or two in advance. So when you do find the one - like your significant other - don't let them GO.

So here is how you find the photographer of your DREAMS & remember, you spend more time with your photographer on your wedding day - so make sure you LOVE them!

1. Figure out your budget

Know how much you can spend before you start your search. With so many photographers it's nice to have some idea of a way to narrow down the search. And by having a budget it will also help you talk to them about add ons and what is realistic for you and your needs.

2. Narrow down YOUR photo STYLE

It's a creative field, so everyone takes photos in very different ways. Do you prefer dark & moody? With lots of earth tones? Or pops of color loud and exciting photos? Bright and airy? Figure out which styles you LOVE and which styles best fit YOU. And this will also help narrow down the search and cut out a lot of photographers - even if you love them but you know their style just isn't the right one.

3. Look at their work. Like all of it

It's important you really check your photographer out and love ALL of their work. Not just one or two photos of theirs. So ask to see a full wedding album, check out the website and all social medias ( Instagram & Facebook ). Everything. Because they may have one great photo, but you may not like the rest. By looking at all of their work will also help see how they shoot a full wedding. Do you like how many candids they take? Or were there not enough?

4. Look for a range of lighting situations

Okay, this is CRUCIAL!! I have personally gone to so many weddings that have horrible lighting situations. Which for me is fine because I know how to navigate and work with that. But not everyone can handle a low light situation, or even sometimes a noon ceremony outside. How do they handle shadows, lighting, EVERYTHING!!

5. Make sure you get along and VIBE with your photographer

This may not seem important but trust me - being comfortable in front of your photographer is so important! Not only do you spend ALL DAY with them, but you also need to feel comfortable and relaxed to get photos. So make sure you choose someone who has personality that you LOVE and you are EXCITED to work with them! It's not just another vendor

These are my tips for now on how to pick a wedding photographer - TIPS FROM A PRO! If you use these tips it will help narrow down the search and find the one you LOVE!

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