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Top 5 Tips on How to Get into Photography. Specifically Wedding Photography

I’m going to keep this intro short, mostly because I have a lot I want to get done. But mostly because I want to take the most time in the actual tips. So I wrote this post to help you figure out the first couple steps I recommend you take to beginning your career as a photographer!

  1. Pick gear that inspires you and works with your style. We all go looking for ‘top 10 lenses for wedding photographers’.. But what good is buying a $2000 zoom lens when you primarily do wide open airy shots? So really evaluate how you shoot and what gear YOU need to produce YOUR style!

  2. Be AUTHENTICALLY YOU!! You may love Mikey’s photos and how he edits. But he’s already doing that - and doing it really well so why try and do it better? Their is only one Mikey and only Mikey can do what he does.. But the good news? There is only one YOU and NO ONE can do it QUITE LIKE YOU CAN!! So find what it is that makes you, you. And run with it. The more authentic you are, and the more yourself you can be - the better.

  3. Start taking photos of everything and everyone. If you do not know what you want to focus on, try it all! No one is stopping you! So try landscape, portraits, weddings, engagement, boudoir, animals…everything! Find what makes you excited to shoot and where you feel your absolute best!

  4. If you want to make money as a photographer - then start shooting PEOPLE! Would you hire a photographer for your wedding and pay around a thousand dollars when they have no people in their portfolio? NO YOU WOULDN’T!!! So don’t expect people to hire you without showing them what you CAN DO!

  5. Trust yourself. This is important because it’s the difference between getting in your own way or not. Let yourself succeed without thinking your going to fail, and potentially self sabotaging yourself. You are capable of so much more than you think - so don’t limit yourself with your own mindset! Positive affirmations are the way to go!

I hope this you a little on how to begin as a photographer and what you should really be focusing on when you are just starting out! I actually had a lot of fun writing this and would love to share more tips and tricks! Check out my Instagram @caroline.gilbody and send me a message with questions you have I can answer for you!

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