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For me, I always found it difficult to dress for photoshoots & weddings. And I’ll talk about what to wear to weddings another time, but today I thought I would focus on your typical family, senior, engagement photoshoot.

Why I always found it difficult is because you want to look:

~ put together

~ professional

~ clean ( yes clean )

But when you work outside in so many different weather conditions, it can actually be really hard. Because in addition to wanting to look that way, I also want / need to be comfortable, able to move freely, not afraid to get dirty.

Because you never know if your going to end up walking around wet rocks by the ocean, or having to hike half a mountain. Photoshoot locations range so much, and add in the season changes, no I will not be wearing a pant suit to a winter session half way up a mountain.

Heck no.

I think with your normal photoshoot you have more freedom, but I would say some things to try and avoid would be:

Low V necks

~This can come off as being inappropriate and to casual. I always find having a high collar helps me feel both more professional, comfortable, and being able to freely move without having any worry!

Yoga pants / sweat pants

~This is again way to casual. Imagine hiring someone to do a job and they show up wearing baggy sweatpants. And no hate to sweatpants, currently wearing them as I type this, but defiantly does not give the vibe of ‘successful and professional business owner’ when shooting!

Skirts & dresses

Unlike the other two, this one can be to dressy. With skirts or dresses you might find you can’t fully do your job. How are you going to roll around on the ground to get that shot if your worrying about your skirt? You’ll probably end up shooting way more conservative to avoid the whole situation which could effect the overall outcome

Flip Flops

~This could apply to a lot of types of shoes. Because you could have to walk quite a ways to different photo locations, or be on difficult walking surfaces like rocks. Where something comfortable, and easy for you to move around in!

These are just some tips on what not to wear to a photoshoot! I think avoiding some of these items will make your life easier!

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