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What Photographers Actually Want for Christmas

Well, it’s that time of year again. Thanksgiving just past, and now is the time to figure out what the heck to buy everyone for Christmas. Normally, I have some idea of what I want to get everyone.. but this year I’m basically clueless.

So to push off needing to figure all of that out, I thought I would help others out on what to get your fellow photographers!

Below are some stocking stuffer ideas, and everything can be bought for under $100! All are things your photographer friend will actually want, need & use!

Memory Cards

Yes, memory cards. 32 GB and up. I know you can get a 128 GB 170 MB/s card for $40! These are one of the best gifts honestly because during the peak of my season this year I had about 10 ish full cards with current sessions, and still have to shoot. So I know personally, getting good quality memory cards is so nice.

Lens Caps

And this one is more so for the photographers who lose these suckers like it’s their job. If you know a photographer who constantly is saying how they lost yet another lens cap, figure out what sizes they need and get them a couple! They are pretty cheap and can be much appreciated ( and funny lol ).

Memory Card Case

These are perfect for the working photographer. Lets you keep all (or most) of your cards in a safe place ready to go. They are pretty cheap and I love mine.


Do you know a film photographer? Get them film! I recently just started shooting film and now feel the pain of needing to go buy film all the time! Get them a couple rolls and they will be SO thankful!

Camera Batteries

I know this list sounds so boring. But personally I would be so exited to get a new set of batteries for my camera. I love having back ups ( and back ups ) of my gear. And with canon batteries being about $60.. it can be hard to justify another battery for a ‘just JUST in case moment’. So if I had one in my stocking.. OR TWO I’d be THRILLED!

Now maybe your thinking.. my significant other is big into camera but I can’t just get him a lens cap…. Don’t worry I hear you. So here are some ‘main gift’ ideas around the $100 range!


A tripod ( for me ) is a piece of equipment I rarely use, but when I need it, I need it. And thank god I have a good one for when I do. I had cheap ones for years, and when I had a smaller DSLR it was fine. But watching my very nice camera with even nicer lens fall over on my tripod, yeah it was time for a new one.

And a good tripod ( like my current one which I love ) can be around $150. I recommend the MEFOTO traveler tripod. It’s light, easy to use, stores well and I haven’t’ had a single camera fall yet.

Camera Bag

I’m sure so many photographers out their have run into this struggle. Your shooting in the city and your camera bag has ‘CANON’ printed across it just screaming to be stolen. Or your bag is ugly… or really just not quite right. I have gone through about 3 camera bags, and only liked 1 of them. And that one was from Target when I got my first ‘real’ DSLR. And it did the job at the time. Now that my gear has tripled and everything that is functional is ugly, I would GREATLY appreciate a cute camera bag!

This is totally based on whoever your buying for style, but I would just recommend keeping in mind…

1. How much gear do they travel to a shoot with

2. What do they complain about currently with their bag

3. What do they primarily shoot ( landscape, weddings) and just keep that in mind when looking at features!

The price of a good bag ranges DRASTICALLY but currently the one I want is about $200. But you can find some good ones for around $85 and up.

These are just a couple of suggestions ( trust me I have so many others ).. so maybe I’ll do a follow up! Hopefully this helps someone else who is stumped on what to get their friends and family for Christmas! Especially where photography is a very expensive hobby finding ‘affordable’ gift options can be tough so I hope this helps!

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