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What to Wear to Your Beach Engagement Session

Ah, the most asked question I get with my engaged couples. What the hell do I wear?

Well, really that's up to you. But I do have some things for you to keep into consideration when picking your outfits out!

The first being - location. In this case, the beach. So don't come where 5 inch heels. Wear something you could actually wear and be comfortable moving around in. Some great examples are maxi dresses, or sun dresses, wear bathing suits and one of his ( or a new ) shirts, wear jeans and T-shirts. Whatever YOU WANT! Just keep it location appropriate!

Colors & Fit

I personally always think go more minimal. No crazy patterns or a lot going on. I will make an exception for lace though - I know it can be 'busy' but is so dang pretty how do you not make the exception. Keep the color palette consistent between the two of you. Some colors I love seeing for beach sessions are black, white, pastels, and more gem tones. But I also attached some color schemes I love to see in general!

the last tip I am going to just stress - is wear clothing that lets you move & FLOWS!! I personally think it is so pretty to see the movement in your dress and not have it be glued to you. So don't feel like you need some super fancy, skin tight dress. Get that super cute sundress that flows and fits just right! It will look AMAZING!!

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