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Why Fitness is the Most Important Investment I Made for my Business

Well, wedding season is officially over for 2019 and I am tired. I feel my heart rate slowly relax from the craziness the last couple months have been. Looking back I single handily had the BEST couples I could have every asked for, and couldn't be happier with every wedding I had. I cannot wait to begin 2020 but not after a good chill out over the winter.

Although I am tired, I feel I escaped the 2019 wedding season feeling pretty good. I see a lot of posts from other photographers who are pretty sick or overall just burnt the heck out. And it made me realize why I believe I got through this season a-okay.

I know so many upcoming photographers want to know the real fun details like what gear to buy, and what equipment do you really end up using? How does a full wedding play out? But honestly I think the best piece of information I can give anyone at the moment is INVEST IN YOUR SELF.

Yes, invest your time into taking care of yourself. Take days off, go to the gym (even when you have a billion photos to edit and send out) don't eat crap and just take care of your body! We beat ourselves up everyday, stay up late and just pile the anxiety and stress up in ways I don't think people realize is even possible. Then we wonder why we can barely move, get sick, can barely look at Lightroom without a pounding headache and STILL KEEP WORKING! GIRL! Take the time to take care of yourself, in any way you can! I'm not perfect by any mean and still had nights where I pulled all nighters to wrap up as much editing before my double weeding days followed by 3 engagements the next day. But you deserve just as much time to yourself as you put towards your business! And if you really want to succeed and thrive, then you need to be at your best!

And that's my two cents , hope you liked it!

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